Who We Are

Like many of you, we care deeply for our great nation and watch with growing concern as members of Congress promote selfish agendas and profit from a system that has been corrupted by their abuse of power. We have a passion for and an understanding of our Founding Fathers’ original vision for our country, yet we recognize that our nation’s leaders have driven us further and further from this dream.

Restart Congress is a non-partisan super PAC committed to holding Congress accountable for their actions and ultimately re-establishing a government ruled by the people, for the people. We do not endorse a specific political party or candidate; instead, we stand for the American people as a whole.

In order to eliminate corruption in Congress and return to the ideals of our Founding Fathers, we believe the first step is to work towards ratification of a Constitutional amendment that imposes term limits for all members of Congress.

Mark Young – President and Co-Founder of Restart Congress

Mark is a man of many talents, interests and trades, but he is perhaps best known as the CEO of the Detroit-based advertising agency Western Creative, Inc. and published author of Future You, as well as many articles for both local and national publications. He has appeared in over 1,000 commercials as both an onscreen and voiceover talent. Additionally, Mark has served on the boards of many colleges, universities and non-profit organizations.

As an enthusiastic student of history and politics with conservative values, Mark has long supported the need for a limited government. He believes term limits are necessary for office holders at all levels of government, and an out-of-control Congress is the best place to begin.

As President of Restart Congress, Mark is actively involved in educating people and promoting term limits as a primary solution to many of the major problems plaguing our government.

Chuck Woolery – Chairman and Co-Founder of Restart Congress

Chuck Woolery has been a Hollywood personality for over four decades as a recording artist, actor and, most notably, as a legendary host of such game shows as Wheel of FortuneThe Dating GameLove Connection and Lingo.

As a Navy veteran, Woolery has held conservative political views for most of his life. He did not share these views publicly due to the pervading liberal atmosphere in the entertainment industry. However, recent outrages taking place in government – Congress especially – have made Chuck speak out in a series of humorous satirical political videos that have gone viral on YouTube. His video on proposed budget cuts from SaveUsChuckWoolery.com has had over 1 million views.

As Chairman of Restart Congress, Woolery lends his voice, support and celebrity to promote awareness of the need for a Constitutional amendment establishing term limits for Congress.